Alyson Warner

Volunteer and Community Relations Manager

Guides and connects volunteers with meaningful opportunities to engage with the WEV community.

Started with WEV


Languages Spoken


Inspired By

Gen Z; this next generation is fierce!

Favorite Central Coast Activity

Finding local goodies at the Farmers Market

Path to WEV

Alyson is an experienced non-profit professional and volunteerism specialist living in Ventura, California. Before joining WEV, Alyson worked as an impact-focused consultant and earned an MBA from Antioch University with an emphasis in Social Entrepreneurship and Strategic Leadership. She was introduced to WEV through the program’s micro-loan and Grameen Bank case studies and is thrilled to contribute to its continued success!

“I am constantly inspired by the volunteers who give freely of their time and talent - it is a most generous act that directly impacts our clients and community!”