Manlio César Correa

Bilingual Business Consultant and Instructor

Instructs, guides, and advises WEV's students and clients to explore, learn, and follow their business dreams.

Started with WEV


Languages Spoken

English, Portuguese, and Spanish

Experience and Expertise

20 years as bicultural consultant & instructor

Inspired By

Rosa Maria, entrepreneur and my audacious mom

Favorite Central Coast Activity

Hiking Camarillo Grove Park with my kids

Path to WEV

Manlio César Correa is a multicultural and bilingual social business believer and promoter. He is a passionate advocate for global social leadership, with over 20 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, consultant, advisor, project manager, mentor, instructor, researcher, and published author. Manlio holds a BA In International Business, an MA In Latin American Studies from SDSU, and a PhD on Migration and Development, and is a continuing education enthusiast (he recently finished a UNITAR course on Entrepreneurship for Migrants and Refugees).

Manlio focuses on all aspects of small and family-owned businesses, through a social business lens. He uses a unique perspective to think “outside the box” with creative and innovative approaches. He enjoys contributing on issues such as poverty alleviation, economic justice and development, and neighborhood enhancement/empowerment. These interests and his past experiences with business, social justice and helping our communities reach and develop their potential led Manlio to work with WEV first as a guest speaker, then as a business consultant and Emprendimiento instructor.

“Working with WEV allows me to share my passions about social justice and entrepreneurship to help others reach the true American dream.”