Jill Agonias

Sol Seek Yoga

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Health and Wellness


Santa Barbara, CA

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How it Started

Jill Agonias goes by many titles: yoga teacher, rock climber, surfer, world traveler, philanthropist, and entrepreneur are just a few of the impressive hats she wears.

Before entering the yoga world, Jill was the leader behind the development and marketing of Vitamin Angels’ — a global nonprofit focusing on providing necessary vitamins and nutrients to under-resourced populations worldwide.
Jill’s love and enthusiasm for the health and wellness of both mind and body, as well as her deep passion for making a positive impact on the world around her, is apparent. She began practicing yoga in 2008 and quickly realized that yoga can be “harnessed as a tool for healing and empowerment”.

In 2018, she took over the ownership of Divinitree Yoga (now Sol Seek Yoga) and was inspired to “help share the power of yoga with others who may need a bit of healing, support, and lightheartedness in their lives”. Jill also shares that “as an Asian American woman, I’m also passionate about making yoga accessible and inclusive for people of color, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized communities.”

Work with WEV

During the pandemic, Jill’s business pivoted, and began offering virtual classes as well as socially distanced outdoor ones. When asked about how COVID has affected her business, Jill shared that “the constant pivot of the pandemic re-sparked my creativity, motivation, and dedication to my business. Although our brick-and-mortar studio was closed for over a year, we offered classes every single day of the pandemic. Virtual and outdoor yoga will forever be part of our business model. I’m grateful for WEV’s support and its timely webinars that helped me apply for the EIDL advance and the PPP loan. Without receiving the advance and loan, my business may not have survived”.

Jill described what WEV’s slogan, “WEV + the power of You” means to her; she says “that WEV is invested in not just me as an entrepreneur, but also in me as a person. It symbolizes a holistic compassion and dedication to growing and nurturing the full spectrum of a person”.

What’s Next

Sol Seek Yoga has been able to reopen and continues to offer yoga classes and retreats to its diverse clientele.

“WEV is invested in not just me as an entrepreneur, but also in me as a person.”

Jill Agonias