Eileen Brewer


Teaches business planning to empower women and underrepresented persons to become leaders and decision-makers.

Started with WEV


Languages Spoken


Experience and Expertise

8 years in entrepreneurship training and mentoring

Inspired By

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Favorite Central Coast Activity

Spending time with my son in Ventura

Path to WEV

Eileen has spent 20 years working in program management for enterprise software and hardware companies in Silicon Valley. She has also spent 5 years as an angel investor through Golden Seeds, investing in female-led companies. Eileen delivers entrepreneurship training and mentoring with a focus on lean canvas, design thinking, customer discovery, go-to-market strategy, basic business finance, and how to pitch for investments. In this work, she has traveled to over 15 countries, presenting to universities, and typically hired by US Embassies or international NGOs. Eileen currently works as a Director at 757 Collab in Virginia, offering a no-cost incubator and accelerator to clients diverse in gender and backgrounds.

Eileen has mentored women and underrepresented persons in business in multiple countries through her consulting work for over ten years. Advancing the status of these individuals in leadership and entrepreneurship is critically important to her. Her fundamental belief is that the world would be a kinder and more equitable place with more women and underrepresented persons in decision-making positions. This belief has taken her from Silicon Valley to Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East, and most recently Iraq, where she built the first tech accelerator in Kurdistan.

“WEV provides a well-established, collaborative community for me to contribute my skills and knowledge to the persons who matter most.”