Jeff Alkazian

Business Consultant and Instructor

Brings many years of business and leadership experience to WEV's clients, helping them to start, build, and expand their businesses to reach their goals.

Started with WEV


Languages Spoken


Experience and Expertise

30+ years business planning and management

Inspired by

My MOM, Terry Gibson, a small biz owner

Favorite Central Coast Activity

Coaching softball teams

Path to WEV

Jeff brings to WEV many years of executive management experience serving as the President, CEO and CIO of companies in the diverse industries of medical management, printing, marketing and mailing. He has expertise in managing businesses and turnaround, focusing on industry/corporate assessment, ongoing sustainability, profit enhancement, management operations efficiency, technological planning and advancement, and much more. 

Jeff is known for motivating business owners and teams to action. His practical business approach helps clients get right down to the heart and soul of entrepreneurship.  

Jeff is also a father of three daughters and runs a non-profit organization designed to help female athletes further their education through youth sports. With Jeff’s background in business and his passion for promoting women in sports and education, it only made sense to join WEV and continue his work as the “Manliest Feminist”.