Keri Koehler

Impact and Evaluation Manager

Designs and implements comprehensive evaluation strategies for the purposes of understanding and communicating WEV's impact in the lives of our community members.

Started with WEV


Languages Spoken


Inspired By

Erin, doctor and my sister 

Favorite Central Coast Activity

Running and exploring neighborhoods 

Path to WEV

Keri has gained experience over the years working with various nonprofit organizations dedicated to empowering women. After completing her master’s degree in social work, she has contributed to community-based healthcare initiatives, public policy efforts related to economic opportunities, and educational programs. With expertise in designing and implementing impact evaluations, she enthusiastically joined the team at WEV, driven by its mission and goals. 

“It is inspiring to see the tangible impact WEV is having in the local community. I feel fortunate to be part of the WEV team!”