Kristin Frascella


Promotes alignment between students’ professional goals and their interests, passions, and strengths.

Started with WEV


Languages Spoken



Experience and Expertise

16 years teaching business management and admin

Inspired By

Paula Lopez, local community builder

Favorite Central Coast Activity

Drinking coffee & sketching at a sunny cafe

Path to WEV

Kristin considers herself an “educational entrepreneur”: an entrepreneur who works and innovates within in the education sector. Kristin teaches at Santa Barbara City College (SBCC), where her classes, seminar series, and video lessons help students explore their personal interests, passions, and strengths to advance their professional goals. Personalized management projects in her original curriculum allow students to choose and design their final project based on their own interests and professional goals. Kristin also produces SBCC’s seminar series “How I Made It and How to Get Hired”, bringing 20-30 professionals to campus annually to inspire students and promote their education and professional goals.

Kristin is launching a new business to formalize classes and workshops she has been delivering for over 20 years. The business gives artists and non-artists the time, space, and resources to be more creative. Its motto is “The World Needs More You”.

Kristin knows the power of women helping women. She is the eldest of 4 sisters raised in Santa Barbara by a single mom who developed her own career in woman-centered non-profits. She has benefited as a girl participant and an adult working for both Girl Scouts and Girls Inc. Kristin feels lucky to have had many strong, smart, and generous women as mentors. Through her work, passions, and skills she hopes to pass that on.

“WEV speaks to those with ideas and passions they want to express through their work - I believe we all have something unique to offer: the world needs more you!”