Orlando León

Bilingual Business Consultant

Empowers local Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs with digital tools to enhance their marketing and digital operations.

Started with WEV


Languages Spoken

English and Spanish

Experience and Expertise

10 years in small business solutions and marketing

Inspired By

My grandmother Sebastiana, survivor, merchant

Favorite Central Coast Activity

Driving on the PCH and enjoying nature

Path to WEV

Orlando has been working with small businesses for 10 years. He gained his small business education from his parents and their entrepreneurial ambitions. Together they risked it all to learn and operate a successful business in central Los Angeles. Despite the challenges, they were determined to expand their knowledge and make the business work for them. 

After college Orlando decided to bring his knowledge to Spanish speaking business owners in Los Angeles to support with their digital and creative needs. Today Orlando is a social entrepreneur, creating solutions for the small business community. Orlando is multi-disciplinary and specializes in design, marketing, and digital literacy.

As an entrepreneur, Orlando always seeks to network, build relationships and develop partnerships with organizations that support the small business community. A colleague that works for an organization in the Bay Area shared the opportunity to continue Orlando’s work with small businesses as a WEV consultant.

“I love sharing knowledge and resources to empower small business owners.”