Financial Empowerment Class

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7 Modules


Self-guided Online Class

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Coming Soon in English and Spanish!

Take control of your personal finances.

Understand your “money mindset” and create new financial habits to increase your financial confidence and resilience.

Establish meaningful financial goals.

Learn how to create a budget, pay down debt, manage your money, and achieve your long-term financial goals.

Become a more effective business owner.

Greater personal financial confidence leads to greater business financial confidence.


Coming Soon!
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"Get ready to embrace your finances with patience, determination, and compassion, and to become the CEO of your financial journey."

Irene Kelly, Financial Education and Community Engagement Manager

What people are saying…


What We All Need to Know

I luvvvved your course. It was the first course in finances that didn’t involve shame and guilt. And! you included what we all really need to know.


Feels More Secure

Really helped me get my personal finances in order to help me feel more secure and also helped me to cement my long-term personal financial strategy.


Instructor Expertise

Thank you SO much! I’ve learned a lot and really appreciate your time and expertise.