Supporting our Asian American Pacific Islander Community

We once again find ourselves grieving and anguished over yet another unexplainable act of hatred and violence targeted at an ethnic group in America – this time our Asian American population.  Very specifically, Asian American women. 


Some are debating whether the Atlanta murders should be classed as a hate crime or simply added to the never-ending list of horrific mass murders that our society seems unable to bring to an end. 


We don’t see the value of the distinction.   Violence against ethnic groups, women and girls, people of color, immigrants, victims of human trafficking are all driven by hate.  And too often by irresponsible rhetoric that threatens the safety, well-being and freedom of marginalized groups in our society.    It is not going to end until each of us takes a stand against hatred and violence – whenever and wherever it strikes. 


Speaking in Atlanta President Biden said, “hate and violence often hide in plain sight”. 


At WEV we believe that love and community also hide in plain sight.    Those are the values and beliefs we choose to live, amplify and encourage. 


WEV is committed to community – community characterized by equality, inclusion and acceptance.   We stand in solidarity with the AAPI community at this painful time.