Blanca Hoffmeier


WEV Client




3205 Old Conejo Road Suite 202 – C 

Thousand Oaks, CA

Year Founded



How it Started

In 2017 Blanca Hoffmeier used her engineering degree and passion for the environment to launch her business, SWPPP CAL, a stormwater pollution prevention management company. “I started it because I care about the world I live in and found a way to make that my professionMy company inspects construction sites and helps keep all the pollutants out of our waterways,” shared Blanca. “I gave myself three years to make this company workIt was just me, and I made zero dollars the first year of business.” 

Work with WEV

Shortly after launching her business, devasting fires and tragedies struck the community where Blanca lives and works.“There was so much uncertainty for me, my business and my community.” she shared. Then,  her friend and mentor, Marta Alvarez, told  her about WEV. Blanca participated in WEV’s Forgivable Business Loan & Consulting Program, where she received 10 hours of free, intensive business training in Spanish with a WEV coach as well as a $10,000 forgivable loan.  She said, “It was during this pivotal training that I met my WEV mentor and guide, Manlio, whom I now fondly refer to as the ‘Godfather of my business’.”   


In 2023, looking back at the state of her business, Blanca shared that it’s going well. She now has  several employees, and her forgivable WEV loan helped her purchase five drones as well as classes to obtain  her contractor’s license. “WEV has helped me think bigger,” she said. 


 WEV’s support has inspired Blanca to give back to her community. Most notably, she nurtures future generations of female engineers.  

What’s Next

Blanca is also grateful for the support she has received from WEV and its supporters, “WEV has meant the world to me as a Latina. We need WEV. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to WEV for leveling up my business. I encourage you all to join me in supporting this incredible organization, ensuring that more entrepreneurs can rise above their challenges and transform their dreams into reality. Together, we can create a brighter, more inclusive future for everyone. I am thankful for the invaluable support of those who invest in WEV. My success is your success. 


“I am thankful for the invaluable support of those who invest in WEV. My success is your success.”

Blanca Hoffmeier