Bridgette Koenig

Awaken Cardio Kickboxing 

WEV Client




Lompoc, CA

Year Founded


How it Started

Bridgette Koenig is the owner and lead trainer of Awaken Cardio  Kickboxing in Lompoc. She started her career in 2010, with an associate degree in Food and Nutrition, along with specialized studies in diabetes. Then, Bridgette decided to join the U.S. Army where she used her health and fitness experience to become a Nutrition Care Specialist in the military.  Soon, she was married with two children and obtained a Personal Training Certificate. Her family was relocated to Lompoc for her husband’s employment. It was there that Bridgette started her first outdoor boot camp, not long after COVID occurred, which forced her to pivot and re-strategize her business. She moved her outdoor classes to online, and later when restrictions were lifted, she was able to relocate her fitness classes to a local dojo. Bridgette then realized that she had a following and decided to open her own kickboxing studio. 

Work with WEV

In 2021 Bridgette reached out to WEV for resources to start her new venture. With assistance from WEV’s Funding Program, she was able to secure the funding to have her own location.  Her business is now thriving with a growing clientele, and she started selling her own merchandise as well as expanding her class offerings. Bridgette has also made use of other WEV resources including our QuickBooks training and advisory services. 

What’s Next

Bridgette and her staff continue to provide an environment for women and youth who want to feel empowered while participating in their self-care and fitness.  

“Thank you so much! I couldn’t have gotten this far without WEV’s help!”

Bridgette Koenig 

WEV client Bridgette Koenig for her business, Awaken Cardio Kickboxing