Jessica Mickey


WEV Client


Food, education 


Santa Monica, CA 

Year Founded


How it Started

Jessica Mickey, co-owner of WunderCooks—an educational nutrition and cooking platform for families—always wanted to be a businessowner. She was a teacher but wanted to do something different that tapped into more of her creativity. So, she and her husband took on a project to create a nutrition and cooking program at her eldest daughter’s school.  Immediately she was inspired by the positive feedback about their program. “We saw how much it was impacting not only the kids but also the community.  I started thinking about opening a brick-and-mortar version of this program.” After her youngest child was born, Jessica left teaching and launched WunderCooks. Through the hurdles of the pandemic and fallouts with investors, Jessica pivoted to an online platform. “After getting over that initial fear, the hardest part was having to teach ourselves every aspect of a virtual business.” 

Work with WEV

When Jessica’s cousin, a WEV employee, told her about our Digital Marketing class, she knew that’s exactly what she was missing!  At WEV, Jessica shares that she “felt a great sense of support and community. It gave me so much clarity about my business and myself. I truly believe it was an invaluable experience and I hope to have more experiences like that with WEV.” 

She took away a very important lesson that she shared “The job is never really done, and the learning never ends. Everything is changing so you must be willing to adapt. I have always been good at adapting but sometimes when I thought a certain business aspect was done, WEV helped me realize it wasn’t. And maybe just having someone else take a look at it can give clarity.” 

What’s Next

With a lot of new opportunities and partnerships on the horizon, WunderCooks has become a successful reboot. “We are working on collaborating with one of the businesses I learned about from my class. Also talking to a friend about creating our on-demand classes into a tv show for kids. I’m excited about learning and growing and adapting with this business.”  

“Everything is changing so you have to be willing to adapt.”

Jessica Mickey


WEV client Jessica Mickey, and husband Sean cooking with their children for their business, Wundercooks