Laura Samperio

Carp Moon Café

WEV Client




4991 Carpinteria Avenue,

Carpinteria, CA 93013 

How it Started

Laura Samperio always dreamed of running her own coffee shop. With the opening of Carp Moon Café, her dream became a reality. Laura and her family are first generation immigrants from Mexico and she says they have always been a very united family “We support each other on our projects. My husband Beto and my kids have supported me unconditionally in this new adventure of having my own business.”

Work with WEV

When a member of WEV’s staff stopped by the café, she shared with Laura all about the resources WEV has to offer. Laura was intrigued and signed up for WEV’s Emprendimiento course to help her learn how to run her businessShe said, “My challenge was with my self-discipline to learn everything about a business that I had never tried.” In the class, she acquired the necessary motivation and skills to manage this new business. 


What’s Next

She stays connected with her community by supporting local businesses and seeking them out as vendors. She hopes people will know her café as a place with excellent service and quality products. Having embarked on this great endeavor, she encourages others to go for it too “The train of life is full of challenges and adventures. We have to get on it!” 


“The train of life is full of challenges and adventures. We have to get on it!”

Laura Samperio