Martha Cantos


WEV Client and Donor




243 and 231 East Main Street,

Ventura, California 93001

Year Founded



How it Started

Martha’s entrepreneurial journey started back when she was in elementary school. She learned the value of hard work and an appreciation for life through her mother and grandmother.  Martha says “My entrepreneurial spirit started as a child when I used to see and help my mom and grandma with their fruit stand outside of my elementary school. Today, I own Ecugreen Jewelry & Textiles, which carries handwoven fabric, tagua nut buttons, and other items from Ecuador.” Ecugreen is helping to end the animal ivory trade through fashion by using self-sustainable and environmentally friendly materials such as vegetable ivory, known as Tagua Nut/Vegan Ivory.

Work with WEV

“I connected with WEV in 2015 when I was trying to find out whether I was on the right path to opening my business,” shared Martha.  She joined a business planning class and has kept in contact with a lot of her classmates.  She said “I am so thankful for WEV’s guidance in the process of fulfilling my dream. WEV is family; WEV is empowerment; WEV is the engine to build a better future.”

Martha has since become a donor adding, “What inspires me to give back to the WEV community is knowing that we are working hard for our dream, we don’t give up… we support and count on each other, and we are not alone because we are part of WEV!”

What's Next

Martha credits her faith, family, friends, and the business knowledge WEV helped her develop as she continued expanding her business. She says, “I’m proud to say that after five and a half years, my business is doing well and we have expanded to 243 E. Main St., Ventura…My greatest hope is to continue expanding my business so I can continue working with family, friends, and Ecuadorian and local entrepreneurs.”

“WEV is empowerment; WEV is the engine to build a better future.”

Martha Cantos

Jewelry, clothing and houseware displays at Ecugreen shopEcugreen shop sign