Matthew Berger

Matthew I Berger Law Group, A Professional Corporation

WEV Donor & Volunteer




510 Castillo St, Ste. 301,

Santa Barbara, California 93101-3406 

Year Founded



How it Started

For Matthew, entrepreneurship is a way to help others. He said: “Becoming a business owner was driven by my desire to practice law so that I can serve people I care about in an effort to be a part of their team to facilitate their success in their lives without the having the driving force be about the money or other impediments imposed by others who did not hold the same values and agendas that I do.” 

Work with WEV

When he first arrived in Santa Barbara he met a WEV instructor: “I offered to speak at her class for free. I loved the concept of WEV and knew that I had a lot to offer. After my appearance at her class, I had the good fortune to meet Marsha Bailey, WEV’s Founder & CEO Emerita. For me, it was love at first sight. I loved the concept of WEV and all the people with whom I met. I told Marsha that if she ever wanted me to serve on the Board, I was available. That was the beginning of my 20 years of involvement with WEV and its clients.” 

Matthew served on the WEV Board for nine years, was a member of and then led the finance committee, served as Vice-President, helped write WEV program materials, and was successful in registering the Thrive in Five Trademark (WEV’s old advising program). 

Serving as a speaker in the courses as well as an advisor taught Matthew a few things too: “I learned how to be clear about who I am, what I want, and what I have to offer.” 

He describes his experience with WEV as “Over the moon incredibly great!! There is not another program that I have encountered that tops all that WEV has to offer in terms of guidance, support, opportunity, and ongoing relationships.  

What’s Next

What’s to come for Matthew? He shows no signs of stopping any time soon. He is currently the chair of the Entertainment and Sports Interest Group of the California Lawyers Association Intellectual Property Section, has been named a Super Lawyer for the past four years, and has been named in the Who’s Who in Professional Services by the Pacific Coast Business Times over six years.  


Even with all the achievements and experience under his belt, Matthew is most compelled by doing what he loves: “Among all of that, I have come to have a fine law practice, doing most of what I want with people I care about.” 

“There is not another program that I have encountered that tops all that WEV has to offer”

Matthew Berger