Michelle La Monte

Pathfinders Academy

WEV Client




217 N. 10th Street,

Santa Paula, California 93060 

Year Founded


How it Started

As a mother with a Ph.D. in education and children just about to enter the school system, Michelle wanted to make sure they were schooled in an environment that not only valued their individuality, but also sparked their intellect. She also wanted her children to have a learning environment that would expertly guide the development of their communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills, allowing them to become proficient self-directed learners, ready for what the future holds. She saw this unmet need in her community and decided to take matters into her own hands: “I could not find a program like this, so I built Pathfinders Academy!” 

Work with WEV

Michelle knew how to expertly handle working in her business but needed some help working ON her business. She said, “The problem I encountered was on the practical business side of this equation. I found that having a simple understanding of the basics of how a business works is not enough to make it successful on a broad scale. I knew I needed help”. 

Michelle reached out to WEV for that help in planning her business.  She enrolled in WEV’s Digital Marketing class: “This was something I knew I needed to do but expected to work on it down the road. I did not realize just how important this aspect of business was to the overall health of my business. Now our digital presence matches our ethos.” 

Michelle has learned about her own leadership style as well as how it guides her business.  Like most people who reach out to WEV, she was seeking knowledge and has also found joy in the people she’s met: “The WEV community is amazing, their energy is infectious, and it trickles down to even the most timid of business owners bringing them to a new level of excitement and confidence.” 

What’s Next

Very much in line with her business industry of education, Michelle hopes to keep gaining knowledge and support for her small business. As she continues to grow, she would like to one day pay it forward: “It is my hope to someday have enough experience and knowledge to be able to give back and help provide support to others in the WEV community.” 

“The WEV community is amazing, their energy is infectious, and it trickles down to even the most timid.”

Michelle La Monte