Paula Muñoz

Sabor de Paulita

WEV Client




Santa Barbara, CA

Year Founded


How it Started

Paula Muñoz launched Sabor de Paulita in June of 2020 while caring for her grandfather who had dementia. Though she had never owned a small business, she had experience working in the food industry. What started as a journey of exploration in the kitchen, quickly became a full-fledged salsa-making business. She said “I became tired of working for other people because I am not good at it. So, I kept putting out an intention to start my own business not knowing that I would end up in the salsa world but here we are!” 

She saw potential in her salsas, did some market research and testing with family and friends, then applied the feedback she received to perfect her recipes.  With rave reviews from her customers, she decided to take the leap and offer her products in local stores in February of 2021, starting with Tri County Produce. She began running her business full-time and partnered with local organic farmers and Berryman Inc. to get the ingredients she needs year-round.  

Work with WEV

Paula graduated from WEV’s  Emprendedores program in 2021 where she created a business plan and learned more about being a business owner.  Through the Emprendedores program she received a grant which she decided to use to expand her business operations, buy office and kitchen supplies, advertising, licenses, and a truck. She also planned to hire her first employee who could assist in making the salsa, and to work with a contract packer.  

She has really enjoyed joining the WEV community and accessing resources to help her along the way: “I feel very fortunate to be a part of a wonderful community that offers such amazing support for women owned businesses. Everyone at WEV is amazing and so knowledgeable. I feel like I am learning so much and I am eager to continue to take advantage of WEV programs and classes. I have participated in a digital marketing class and a business plan course. I do have other WEV programs in mind for the future.” 

What’s Next

Paula has learned to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. She said, “I am constantly in an uncomfortable situation and that’s how I know I am doing the right thing!” It is because of this outlook that Paula has made it thus far with her business. She advises others to keep going “I’m still facing obstacles that are a lot harder now than when I started the business but it’s all about figuring it out and not giving up.” 

She continues, “Do extensive research regarding what you want to start, how much is it going to cost you to start up, what materials will you need, get advice from people in the business, test out your product first, find mentors, and if you’re having a hard day, throw in the towel and get back to it mañana but never give up.” 

As for her goals? She is looking at expansion and growth: “Getting into more stores, seeing the evolution of my business and also growing as an individual.” 

“If you’re having a hard day throw in the towel and get back to it mañana but never give up.”

Paula Muñoz