Ana Maria Mendoza

A&E Cleaning Services

WEV Client


Professional services 


Ventura County

Year Founded


How it Started

After being a housewife for 25 years, Ana Mendoza saw the need to start generating income. She weighed her options and decided entrepreneurship was the best idea for her. Thus, A&E Cleaning Services was born.

Work with WEV

At the end of 2017, Ana was searching the internet for help with starting a business. She said “My biggest challenges were fear of failure and lack of knowledge.” In 2018, she enrolled in a WEV business training course. Ana feels very grateful for what she learned from connecting with the WEV community: it’s never too late to start and there are lots of resources available. “Taking the WEV course was the little push I needed to get started as an entrepreneur,” mentioned Ana. She has since benefitted from several other WEV programs, courses and community connections.


What’s Next

Ana says she plans to continue using WEV’s resources. She also looks forward to further developing her business , saying “I just hope to continue to grow and offer good quality cleaning services throughout Ventura County.”


“Taking the WEV course was the little push I needed to get started as an entrepreneur.”

Ana Maria Mendoza